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FREE Photo Booth……. Well, sort of

Free Sign Nothing really good is FREE in the business world. Certainly, weddings are not FREE. In fact, weddings are expensive! With all of the associated costs with a wedding, couples just can't add extra expenditures especially when working in a tight budget. The future bride and groom...
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Instagram Photo Booths……. The New Ipod trend?

Instagram Trends are a standard commonality in modern weddings. Couples mimic others, it's just a fact of life. Today, with YouTube and various social media options, couples are watching what other couples are doing for their wedding, then copying for their own. One such trend was on full...
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Some Photo Booths Don’t “Measure” Up

Tent Photo BoothWhen booking a Photo Booth it is imperative for the customer to know the size of the set up. Is it a real style photo booth, a back drop area or a tent? Many Photo Booth providers have NOT gone out and invested in...
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Inside the Photo Booth

Justin & JennyfferThere's something that happens to people when they put on silly props and hop inside our Music In Motion Photo Booth. People just loosen up, just like a Saturday afternoon at the Mall inside the photo booth with friends. It's great for improving the...
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