Embarrassment to the DJ Industry

r1_mail_apps_4Oh the shame! The photo displayed was from an ad run on Yahoo which obviously shows how to crop an image and get rid of unwanted background. In the photo, a bride and groom with a tacky, totally unprofessional “DJ” in the background. His shirt is un-tucked, tie...
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Let them eat Cake!

bride-groom-cake-250x166Music In Motion proudly offers an online planning system that will make the process of planning your wedding reception a bit easier and a lot more organized. Couples spend countless hours on Google trying to de research, only to end up...
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The time between church and reception – ooooppppssss

Pouting-BrideIf you are having a church wedding ceremony, the time planning process is crucial to making things convenient for your guests. Plan things correctly and the guests will arrive at the perfect time right as the wedding facility is ready to open the doors. Get it wrong,...
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