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Let your introduction reflect YOUR personality

Dancing_5Music In Motion Entertainment performs hundreds of wedding receptions each year! Every wedding is unique and individual. At least, they should be! The reception kicks off with the grand entrance and why not make them grand? The proper selection of music is crucial to customize your wedding day and...
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Mike Fernino attends MC Workshop

Mike_Fernino_61What makes a DJ different from a Master of Ceremony? Answer: An MC speaks on the microphone. Now, what makes a MASTER of Ceremony truly a MASTER at their craft? Answer: Practice and lots of it. Mike Fernino of Music In Motion Entertainment takes his MC abilities...
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Is this what you think of when you think of a DJ?

Bad DJWhat do you vision when you think Disc Jockey? More times than not, couples speak to me about horror stories of the tacky DJ at a wedding. Apparently, people have seen way more "BAD" examples of entertainment than "Good" examples. I find myself constantly explaining...
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How Neat is your DJ?

Bottom-Feeder-DJs-250x187The mark of a professional is the first impression. You can tell instantly when someone takes pride in what they do, and someone who is just trying to make an extra buck. In the mobile entertainment industry (DJs for short), there are unfortunately many unqualified choices....
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