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The Problems with planning wedding music on YouTube

YouTube-logo-full_color "The YOUTUBE generation" is now getting married. The 25-35  y/o crowd that is currently out there planning weddings is attached to YouTube from the hip. It is a constant source of entertainment, investigation and research for millions. In fact, YouTube is the #2 search engine just...
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What is “The Money Dance?”

MoneyA client recently asked me this question:
“I know we have a while to go before we really need to start going over songs for my wedding, but I was just wondering: What’s a money dance? Thanks!”
My response: Thanks for asking! The Money Dance is a fun but ancient...
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The Evolution of Dance – A You Tube Thing

You TubeThink your original? – Think Twice!  YouTube has changed the world. Many couples watch videos of other wedding footage to gain ideas and apply those ideas to their own celebration. How many brides do you think tried to dance down the church isle after the YouTube...
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Use Facebook to your advantage

imagesWhen we work with our clients here at Music In Motion we find one of their most difficult tasks is selecting music. In the case of a wedding reception, there is a ton of anxiety because the bride and groom want all their guests to enjoy...
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