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The Problems with planning wedding music on YouTube

YouTube-logo-full_color "The YOUTUBE generation" is now getting married. The 25-35  y/o crowd that is currently out there planning weddings is attached to YouTube from the hip. It is a constant source of entertainment, investigation and research for millions. In fact, YouTube is the #2 search engine just...
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Add some “SOUL” to your party

Marvin_GayeSometimes, the right mood is set with soul. Below is a list of 20 of the greatest classic R&B tracks that will set a soulful atmosphere for dinner time background music.   Source: Mobile Beat Magazine
  1. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You – Marvin Gaye
  2. My Girl – Temptations
  3. You...
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Let them eat Cake!

bride-groom-cake-250x166Music In Motion proudly offers an online planning system that will make the process of planning your wedding reception a bit easier and a lot more organized. Couples spend countless hours on Google trying to de research, only to end up...
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