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The Wedding Of Distinction Podcast

The founder of Music In Motion Entertainment, Mike Fernino has created a special podcast specifically designed to help couples who are planning a wedding! Mike has years of radio and podcasting experience. He has hosted a educational podcast for the DJ industry for years called the DJ Idea...
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Music In Motion Announces NEW Live Stream for Weddings

April 29: Music In Motion Entertainment makes announcement about a new program for our clients regarding a Live Stream service. COVID-19 has tremendously impacted the private events industry. Currently, the entire events industry is shut down with no gatherings of 10 or more allowed. What private events like weddings...
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Wedding Couples 2020 * What To Do?

Weddings are celebrations of life! They are family events with friends and loved ones. Social events that connect people in many ways. Now enter the age of social distancing and sheltering in place and the wedding scene is totally turned upside down. The hospitality industry has been hit hard...
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We Will ALL Dance Again!

These are extraordinary times. In our 35 years of business we have never seen anything like this. A smart guess is that none of us have. There is a ton of anxiety and confusion circulating around and certainly if you have a even coming up the idea of...
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