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The race to book wedding vendors is on!

Its about to get real! The race to book up wedding vendors for the 2020-2021 wedding season. What does that mean? If you are currently engaged and have NOT reserved the primary wedding services like photographer, videographer and DJ you may still have time to get them...
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Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You!

Well, you can't say I didn't warn you? Warning: Online sites like Thumbtack are empowering couples who are planning a wedding with the ability to obtain quotes from DJs, Photographers, Photo Booth providers and other wedding vendors right in a convenient  on-line app. The Thumbtack system: Wedding Vendors compete for...
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Why The Venue Should NOT do your Lighting

One would think that lighting is part of the venue itself, however special event lighting is a whole different ballgame! Architectural, or as some refer to it "UP-Lighting"  is a colorful decorative lighting that can make a ordinary room come alive with character! DJs and lighting designers have...
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Music In Motion honored for 11th year by the Knot!

 In todays fast paced world couples rely more on internet reviews than anything to find the right fit for their wedding vendor team! Just like with restaurants, hotels, service trades and even amazon items people today want to read from experiences of others and get their take....
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