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Why The Venue Should NOT do your Lighting

One would think that lighting is part of the venue itself, however special event lighting is a whole different ballgame! Architectural, or as some refer to it "UP-Lighting"  is a colorful decorative lighting that can make a ordinary room come alive with character! DJs and lighting designers have...
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Lighting Makes ALL The Difference

Music In Motion Entertainment was recently hired to design the lighting for a wedding reception at Powder Ridge Ski Lodge. The hall is a bit bland and weathered by age. To see it with all overhead fluorescent lighting on would not really inspire one to hold a...
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Monogram Magic!

Watermark_802 Many couples look to personalize their wedding receptions. One fabulous option is with a lighted monogram. This form of lighting is created two different ways. The first option is with a steel gobo. "Gobo" is short term for "Go Between" and represents the position of the metal disc...
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